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Waterjet Cutting


What is Abrasive Waterjet Cutting?

Abrasive waterjet cutting involves feeding an abrasive material (garnet) into a high-pressure stream of water that is capable of cutting through the hardest and thickest materials while leaving an extremely clean edge.

What are the Advantages of Abrasive Waterjet Cutting?

  • Virtually any material can be cut.
  • Precise tolerances can be achieved.
  • Minimal cleanup is required on the cut edges.
  • Intricate details can be cut since the stream is only .03″ wide.
  • Very thick materials can be cut. For example: 10″ thick stainless steel and 22″ thick aluminum have been cut.
  • There is no heat affected zone around the cut edge.
  • No additional heat stress is added to the material by the cutting process.
  • Parts have square edges. Draft is minimized with dynamic heads that compensate for taper.

What About Softer Materials?

Waterjets can cut certain materials using just the stream of water. Water-only cutting is ideal for softer materials such as foam, felt, rubber, gaskets, plastics, and many others.

Our machines use corner passing, which decrease cut time and save you money!

Yes, we can cut glass too!

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